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Have you outgrown the limitations of WIX and want to gain more control of your website? Migrating from WIX to WordPress by taking our service will just do that. We will take care the process of transferring your Wix site over to WordPress.

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Move Wix to WordPress

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Move Wix to WordPress

Move Wix To WordPress

Moving from WiX to WordPress can take lots of time to transfer all the data? It's not easy to leave WIX because of their limited export functionality, but we figured out the BEST way to Move Wix to WordPress.

WordPress has Millions Of Themes & plugins

The biggest advantages to using WordPress Website is the level of customization you can do to your website. Unlike WIX, WordPress has over 52,000 different plug-ins. With WordPress you can sell products online, generate leads, do blogging which means there’s no limitations. WordPress has millions of very responsive themes, when designed correctly. WordPress has thousands of contributors who are making it secure, reliable and best solution for business worldwide.

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Automated WIX To WordPress Migration Don’t Work Because Wix Don’t Allow To Export Pages. If You DO Automated Migration Your Website Will Kill Your Business Because You Will Not Be In Control With The Design Of Migrated Website.


Most frequent questions and answers About Wix To WordPress

Effective website design is the keys to a successful business. Brand’s reputation and success depends on it largely. Users tends to make an opinion within 3 seconds of landing on your website. If it takes more than 3 seconds to load, Users will leave your website and will never come back.

WordPress is the best platforms for small to large scale businesses to build a website. It’s easy to set up, manage and design a WordPress website. With over 35% of the billions of websites online being build with WordPress, WordPress is the market-leader in website design.

Wix is sometimes a good choice for small businesses. Wix has beautiful templates and intuitive UI, users can create a WIX website quickly and easily. But WIX has lots of limitations especially when your business grows this limitations might kill your business. And you might want migrating your website from Wix to WordPress CMS.

WordPress as it has so many options of add-ons, themes, plugins. Most Wix related websites don‘t look professional. WordPress is also better for SEO purpose. If you want to own your data WordPress is the only option. All the other websites actually own the data or it will be impossible to extract the data. It is more work but worth it. To be fair, even Wix uses WordPress for its blog so WordPress all day every day.

Wix is basically for people who want a great-looking website who don’t have the time or the knowledge to build one the way most of us do. And it’s probably a little bit more for a hobbyist then someone who really wants and online business presence that can eventually replace their day job. Wix is slower and less SEO friendly than other options out of the gate.

If you want a very simple interface, don’t want to deal with design, plugins, or having to understand backend stuff, Squarespace is what you want. Audio, blogs, images, forms are pretty and intuitive. It’s about $18/mo. I still don’t recommend anything over WordPress. WordPress will be the best solution for you in the end. When the tech is too much for you, why not have a good designer create you a site that you only have to put content in?

I don’t dislike people enough to suggest to use WIX. With WIX you have very little control over your site, you have to use their templates and layouts. If it works for you, cool. A more serious problem is there is no good way to export your content. If you want to move your site to another host, you will essentially have to start over. Also, they don’t handle upgrades as smoothly as WordPress. I can’t recommend them. Really.

Very often clients come to us to do work on their non-Wordpress site (Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy Builder)? We convince them to use WordPress and still if they don’t listen we don’t take the work.

CMS2CMS Wix To WordPress Migration Plugin Don’t Work Effectively Because Wix Don’t Allow To Export All Data Automatically. Even if You Use CMS2CMS Will Will Need Do Do Most Work Manually. So Why Using A Plugin?

Drop Wix (horrible code), forget Shopify (closed ecosystem)- do it right and learn to use WordPress & WooCommerce- the possibilities are endless…

The domain transfer process doesn’t actually involve WIX at all since they are are not a domain registrar, they are just a reseller. The process happens in the background between gaining and losing registrar.
You need to make sure the domain is unlocked, get an EPP (transfer) code if applicable and make sure you are set as the admin contact.
Now go to the new registrar or host and choose “transfer domain” and you should get an approval email to confirm the transfer.
This doesn’t apply to .uk domains, which you will have to request wix to get RETAGGED to the new domain registrar.

Shopify might be expensive for a non technical person to make modifications to the look of the templates. They will have to constantly depend on a developer for changes. Just be ready for the cost.
I used WIX once and it was a nightmare. Everytime I wanted to do anything they charged me an arm and a leg for it. $500 here, $400 there, $800 here, $250 for something very minor like a sentence change.

WordPress. Never ever do Wix or squarespace or any other sites claiming to be easy to navigate.. they wont rank at all. Take the time to learn WordPress, nothing beats having full control on the customization of the website. I know it implies a lot more work but at the end is totally worth it.

WordPress because it is designed to do it. Theoretically you can use a knife to open a beer but a bottle opener is easier because that is what is designed to do. Wix members area is good but for a video course I do NOT recommend it. Go with WordPress for your video course it will save you the headache. The upside with Wix is the customer support is good. It’s easy to call them and figure it out if you have a problem.

No one on his right mind would consider wix.

Now, Shopify vs WordPress.. the debate is long, old and endless but essentially shopify is super n00b friendly. It’s all geared towards eCommerce, servers are fast and the themes are eCom focused. downside being their blogging platform is dog crap and you’re stuck in their ecosystem.

WordPress (WooCommerce) has a way steeper and longer learning curve, is slightly behind in terms of plugins (apps) and runs in your own hosting. You are free to move and do whatever you please with it though. And if you plan to do content marketing, WordPress is the perfect platform for a blog.

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