Migrating Wix Sites to WordPress Is Now Easier than Ever

Thinking about moving your website from Wix to WordPres?  Contact with our experts in Wix to WordPress migration service, we will move all your pages, posts, comments, users, links, attachments, with a days or two. We’ll send you a quote as soon as we receive your requirements, so just fill in the form and contact us today

Why Us?
We Professionally Migrate WIX Sites to WordPress.

We sincerely analyze your existing wix website and put together a plan to migrate your existing wix site to WordPress whilst retaining as much of the look of the site as possible, using the best WordPress themes and page builder.

It’s time to take benefit of our innovative & skilled team of dedicated developers with years of experience to migrate your WIX site to WordPress.

We offer full-time availability to our clients. Our expert developers are here every time you need us and give you a transparent view of the guaranteed presence.

Our quality assurance service provides performance and security testing at all levels of wix to wordpress migration.

We Provide 3 Months Of Free Support Even After We Deliver The Migrated WordPress Website From WIX To You.

We had helped businesses by converting their wix site to responsive, SEO friendly  professional WordPress site.


The best benefit of using WordPress over WIX or any number of other website builders is having complete control of your website and it’s data.

open source software

WordPress is an open-source software and anyone can get access to the core files and documentation, that’s why the community of developers and users base of WordPress is huge. if you run into a bug just a simple Google search give you the solution from someone else who ran into the same issues or had similar questions that been answered by the WordPress community.

best CMS for SEO

WordPress works great with Google and all other search engines, has plenty of themes and plugins for advanced SEO optimization, mobile friendly and faster then other tools, supported by thousands of community members, easy to learn and secure, powers 35% of websites on the internet. In short, WordPress is the best CMS for SEO and building websites that rank well.


There’s a rumor that WordPress is not secure, but with any technology, nothing is 100% secured. If a WordPress site is built the right way like we do and is regularly maintained, it is perfectly secure. It’s important to update the themes and plugins installed on your site. WordPress continuously working to releases security updates which are installed automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about WIX to WordPress Migration

Wix don’t provide direct way for users to migrate their content. But you can still migrate your blog content by importing Wix RSS feed. AT first you need to download Wix RSS file.

You need to Download WIX rss feed for the blog posts and manually creating each pages as WIX don’t allow auto import pages. At here we do the Wix To WordPress Migration To Make You Stress Free.

Well if the domain is registered outside of WIX for example NameCheap or GoDaddy you just need to update the nameservers of the domain. If the domain is registered with WIX then you have to wait for 60 days before transferring the domain to somewhere else. If your domain is more then 60 days old you can transfer the domain to another registrar

Very simple. You just contact us through the form with your WIX site URL. We will analyze your site and give you a pricing plan to get started right away.

We charge $500 for Wix to WordPress migration with 5 pages and 20 blog posts. For Each Extra Page Or Each Ten Extra Posts We Cost Another $100.

Yes, CMS2CMS. You need to remember that WIX is a closed system and doesn’t allow to switch from their system seamlessly. So any automated Wix to WordPress migration is not recommended by experts.

Oopps!! Why? Both provide same service with variety of feature. WordPress has unlimited possibilities where Wix is limited. It’s not recommended to connect both services in a single website.

I want to end this with one simple answer. even wix use wordpress for their blog!!

The Best SEO friendly CMS is WordPress. Search anything in google and you will see the 95 out of first 100 websites used WordPress and ranked in google.

The only real answer is WordPress. Weebly is more feature reach the WIX but nothing can compete WordPress as a website builder or CMS