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GoDaddy Website Builder is way way simplistic. It’s total garbage and don’t touch that unless you want to loose your money and your time. No comparison at all with WordPress. For a beginner I recommend to ignore go daddy’s offer and use WordPress if you want a website. Also you’ll want to use a custom domain for your website as well as SSL (using cloud flare) if you want to be safe from google security warning.

godaddy website builder

GoDaddy Website Builder:

GoDaddy Website Builder is the same as the simple website builder offered by other hosting companies. It is simple and does not compare to what can be done with WordPress. It is a simply a website page development tool, not a CMS like WordPress. Plus it’s way dumber than Wix or Weebly. In my opinion GoDaddy might be a good option for one thing and one thing only domains, try to stay from everything else.

GoDaddy Support Team:

Don’t take advise from the Godaddy sales team – them have one goal to get every dollar they can from you – regardless of your needs. My last godaddy client was paying for two hosting solutions, security that was not implemented, ssl that was not implemented and paid for – for 10 years…and of course once I learned of this I tried very hard to get a refund for all the services they sold him that he was not using…NO refunds from godaddy.

Godaddy Website Builder Vs WordPress:

GoDaddy is not your friend — at times they sell clients things that they do no even need and will never use — there is much better hosting and support for less money with other ISPs. But it is up the user of WordPress to learn how to use the software. There are many helpful videos on line, ie YouTube and other resources, such as the WordPress official Knowledge Base. But WordPress support is not going to walk anyone through the basic learning of the product.

WIX Website Builder:

Wix website builder and the platform itself is not good for SEO, someone else controls your site and all of your design work will not migrate out (to WordPress) in one or two years when you realize that Wix is not the best tool for a modern website. You will have to pay Wix every time you grow and add more marketing and automated marketing tools.

GoDaddy Website Builder Vs Wix:

SlowDaddy is terrible. Problem is most people think they’re the best thing since sliced bread because they get bombarded with SlowDaddy stuff everywhere.  GoDaddy is like the Comcast of the internet. They don’t care about anything but short-term profits, and especially not about delivering quality, fairly-priced service.

Wix is garbage. They’ve gotten better, but the name itself already has a stigma attached to it. I also steer anyone who want a more complex website away from WIX. In all honestly WIX is great for a simple information sites, but once you get to more complex tech you’ll want to switch to WordPress OR an all in one platform. I would suggest not to go with wix. It will really affect your website SEO has it has a very slow loading speed.

Sometimes WIX can be fine for ‘static’ pages meaning like a portfolio page for a photographer, etc. But forget about SEO. More on GoDaddy Vs WIX.

Summery: At the end of the day, GoDaddy Website Builder, WIX, WEEBLY, SquareSpace  are  single company who could go out of business, raise their prices, change their policies and terms, and you’d be stuck with dealing with that or moving elsewhere and starting over

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  1. I chose Squarespace over Wix because all the SS templates are all responsive to mobile platforms (phone, tablet) and that was not the case at the time for Wix. GoDaddy still hosts my website. I’ve had excellent customer service with both. I built my site on Squarespace by myself and it was easy to do once I got the hang of it. My website if you want to check it out.

  2. Wix is foolproof. I’ve built 2 websites using their platform, have had zero problems and the price is right. SS has beautiful templates and many of the creatives I know prefer that platform. I do think SS templates have a more polished look. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

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