Squarespace is a web publishing platform for making websites and online store real quick. As a complete novice when it came to doing your own website, Squarespace can be recommend.

But using WordPress with a good page builder like Elementor Page Builder or Thrive Architect will definitely give you the most flexibility and customisability. In terms of the tech side of things WordPress is very user friendly, especially the content builder and landing pages which have a front end editor so you can see exactly what you’re creating.

WordPress vs Squarespace

Yes WordPress is quite complicated, but the thing is if you want full control of your site and want to mold it the way you like, then complications can’t be avoided. But the good news is that there are a lot of resources available that you can learn WordPress in a matter of hours. And there are some great plugins available on the internet that can make your work easy. So that is my take on Squarespace vs WordPress.

SquareSpace vs Wix:

Recreating something with Squarespace is much more difficult because you are really restricted to their template designs, there is a fair amount of customisation but the framework is less flexible. Wix will probably give you more control but there might still be restrictions depending on what you’re trying to create.

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