Wix Website Builder

Wix website builder is one of the most innovative drag and drop website builder for creating and customizing web pages. Wix is very restrictive and when you want to be creative your website most likely wont be responsive.

Wix Website Builder

The amount of apps are terrible and the apps they do have are also terrible, some are good. But in comparison to everything else Wix is probably worst 3 in my opinion. Main thing i love about it is its backend system.

Wix Website Builder Cost:

Free websites aren’t free! Wix is trying to make money, just like the rest, only they convince the world that they’re just really nice and want to give you free stuff. You pay for it with ads, very limited features, and a not-so-great editing interface. Google, bing, yandex, etc. couldn’t care less about wix sites and don’t rank them; SEO is useless.


But if you must do “free”, then we recommend with Elementor or a WordPress site. Or better yet, learn HTML and a little Javascript and create a nice website.

Wix SEO:

Google hates Wix. Profssional marketers and website designers don’t use Wix because it’s not SEO friendly like WordPress. I’ve had a client build 3 of their own sites on wix because they were too tight to pay for it and guess what? They realized that google hates it and have now engaged me to create WP sites for 2 of them. I’m sure the 3rd is coming also.

Why We Don’t Recommend WIX:

One of the main reasons we tell our clients never to build their sites on Wix, Squarespace or even WordPress.com is because you are placing your business in the hands of a third party. It is always best to host your own website so you are in full control of your business, and that includes your site, email, etc. and you avoid the issue of things such as blacklisted domains (email going to junk no matter what you do because they are hosted on these platforms) and they lose traction in Google/SEO as well. There are others, but that is the one main argument we use for our clients.

Wix vs WebFlow:

Webflow might be a good fit for peoples looking for a static website without Content Management System. Super fast to get sites up and running and they have some ready made templates as a starting point. If you decide to go live with the site you can export the generating HTML or host in on their platform with just a few clicks.

Is Wix Scalable?

A great example of the limitations of WIX is a friend who started a travel business and ask me for some advice. I told them I could build them a website and it would be quite a bit more expensive as WIX, but the functionality could be laid in place for future expansion. They said thanks and built her website with WIX. Two years later she came back to me and needed a website built because the business expanded.

Wix Website Builder vs SquareSpace SEO:

Wix and SquareSpace are great for small business with limited needs & budget. They are sweet little platform’s but useless for SEO. Squarespace is more for eCommerce and Wix is not as good for eCommerce. Not really the best with Wix and Squarespace but that’s the understanding of both.

SquareSpace is really easy to use and if you have a basic know-how of CSS you can do some great stuff. There are 100s of blogs on WordPress vs Squarespace vs Wix vs this vs that. In the end it a matter of sitting down and outlining what you want. WordPress learning curve a little to steep. Its not lockdown like Squarespace

Wix Website Builder Review:

If you are looking for SEO there is more to it then just the website. There is a place for Wix if you need an easy to build site that looks decent but don’t need to rank highly. If you want to actively work on ranking highly top end shared hosting from SiteGround is a good start and WordPress.


Wix and all such similar stuff is not good in long run. You can choose core PHP/ WordPress with good theme and plugins for making a website.

If you want to be cheap and easy and fast. Use Weebly or WebFlow. If you want you can still use HTML with Business Catalyst if you want the CMS value and functionality. If you have the right foundation you’ll discover it’s not the system that hold you back. Don’t use WIX for a money site purpose? Personally, I wouldn’t. Even though they did finally take the gibberish of the URLS which is good. I just like overall simplicity of life. I stash, Wix Website Builder, GoDaddy Website Builder and SquareSpace under the same bucket of frustration.

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  1. One thing about Wix – You cannot export your content. Not an issue if you have 2 pages with little content. Marginally annoying if you have 10 pages. But at some point, you’re in a roach motel (you can get in, but never leave).

    For that reason I’d NEVER start a blog there. Ever. You spend, say, 2 years writing a bunch of great content. For some reason you want to move to another platform. You can’t export that content. Sure, you can copy and paste. That works if you did 1 post a month… 24 or so posts is a PITA but it’s doable. Now, if you did 2 posts a week? You have ~200 posts. And no way move them.

    Bottom line, I’d never use a service that traps me like that and I’d never recommend it. I do have a friend who uses it but she has your typical brochure site and doesn’t generate much content. It looks quite nice… and if she ever had to leave it wouldn’t be hard to grab content and go for her since her site is under 10 pages.

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