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Wix to WordPress Migration Service:

Migrate your Wix website to WordPress with us, Our experienced experts will take care of the whole Migration process.

Avoid using SquareSpace or Wix if your goal is to monetize your site. Both use an engine that Google is not friendly with and you don’t own your data, they do. Go read your Wix terms of service. It will scare the bejesus out of you.

We have converted A LOT of site to WordPress from Wix and would love to help you out! Send us a message and we can discuss a package to fit within when your needs are.


Wix To WordPress Migration Service:

Wix is a eye catching platform to create website on your own with the inbuilt drag and drop builders. Building a wix site for small business with limited traffic and prospects is time saving. But Wix has it’s own limitations of expanding the features and business. WIX websites are not SEO friendly to indexed in the Google which will hurt the chance of getting top in the search result. Our Wix to WordPress Migration Service offers very smooth and clean migration for your website or store

Why You Should Not Use WIX?

The drag and drop editors in Wix is not any easier to use for someone who knows nothing about how a website works. Wix is a toy for children much like a toy car that represents a real car. WordPress is for adults and is like the real car. So the only question is do you want to use a toy or do you want the real thing?

Wix is designed for people who know nothing about websites and don’t have the budget to build a real website. It is not designed for serious marketers or professional agencies who are trying to get the best results for their clients. If you want to do SEO forget about Wix and use a real platform that allows you control over your SEO.

Their speed performance is terrible for page load and their back end tools just silly. You inevitably want to move your site From Wix To WordPress and when you try it’s going to be a real pain. Wix doesn’t like losing customers and seems to make it hard to leave.

Yeah, You can rank page built on wix, but it is totally not worth Your time and nerves. (And cursing devs) It’s faster to build page on WordPress from scratch than optimize page on wix. Optimizing and ranking a Wix site is like swimming against the current. If you already have a wix site you can purchase our Wix To WordPress Migration Service package to move to WordPress.

What We Will Migrate From WIX To WordPress:

  • Posts: We will migrate all the blog posts on your current wix website to new WordPress website
  • Pages: WIX don’t allow exporting pages so we will manually create all the pages on your current website with relative look and feel if you wish or even more eye catching UI friendly.
  • Images: We will transfer all the site images corresponding to their respective content to new website.
  • Menu Items: Like pages we will create all the menu items manually which links to different sections of your current site.
  • Metadata: Ranking is important and all the meta keywords, titles and descriptions will be re written exactly as previous website.
  • SEO Tags: All SEO title, keywords, description of pages & posts of your existing website will be redone with new WordPress site.
  • 301 Redirects: We will do 301 redirect to all your existing URLs to new ones to retain the SEO effort and keep the serp status.

The WordPress Community:

WordPress has the largest community that generates 1000s of free plugins to allow you to extend the functionality without having to hire a developer and can cost very little to run. Usually bigger hosts offer a managed WP hosting for about $6/month. For a seamless Wix to WordPress Migration Service Contact Us Now.

Why Should People Create Websites With Wix?

Wix, Squarespace, etc. are fine to get started and have “an online business card” but when you are ready to take it to the next level then WordPress is the way to go. Yes it requires more technical knowledge but WordPress offers far more options for SEO, memberships, etc. Many do start on platforms like Wix and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s easy and low cost. But sustainable business shouldn’t have use WIX or Squarespace like SaaS platforms.

We designed this service for peoples used WIX for site at starter and now want to do WIX to WordPress Migration. If you have any question just contact us and we will get back to you ASAP. We offer best Wix to WordPress Migration Service then anyone because we are a team of Ninja members who has experience and know the inside out of Wix and WordPress.

Wix vs WordPress:

  • WIX is SaaS platform where you signup for their services where WordPress is an open source CMS which allow to create almost all kinds of websites.
  • Companies close and services leave so WIX can close and leave. But WordPress is open source and the code is there for anyone to use.
  • Wix owns the content that you post on it. With WordPress you owe everything.
  • If Wix decides you’re breaking a rule, your site can be removed, along with your content. WordPress is Open Source CMS. No one owe WordPress. Everyone using it is the owner.
  • Wix doesn’t have easy export options if you need to change platforms at a later date after you realise it’s too restrictive. WordPress has all the tools to change hostings, platforms and Cart
  • Wix website have an issue when it comes to mobile friendliness. WordPress is 100% mobile friendly.
  • Wix covers basic SEO optimisation needs but only gets you so far. WordPress allows for much better control of the aspects that matter for SEO rankings.

Do professionals use wix?

Wix is not your enemy.  I praise the service. It’s a good DIY platform. I am trying to position myself as the expert who is going to take down Wix. Wix has a spin machine that will eat you alive.

Instead start asking questions yourself. We don’t work with Wix. We have to bring repeatable results to businesses and we can’t trust process to Wix. It’s already uncertain enough with google. It’s not our job to take Wix down. You can choose to work with whatever platform you want.

If you’re just starting, then sure, Wix can get you going. But there will come a time when your business outgrows Wix. You’ll have to upgrade to a more robust, integration friendly CMS sooner or later.

Buy our Wix to WordPress Migration Service and get your site migrated to WordPress from WIX.

Wix for Small Business:

Wix is not ideal for small business sites. At Wix you’re not even the owner of your content. Take some time and read the full Terms of Use on their page. If you understand what is stated there, you’ll much likely run away from that scam.

Wix Vs WordPress For Blogging:

WIX is like those extended stay hotels. Fine in a pinch, no place to live for real. In reality, Google sees them as bad neighorhoods for ranking purposes. I have two blog, one with Wix and one with blogger the Wix blog has no rankling while the blogger has I have purchase a domain name and a very professional theme I swear the blogger website can compete for a WordPress. I really believe that a WordPress and blogger website ranks higher

3 reviews for Wix To WordPress Migration Service

  1. Sarah T Edmonds (verified owner)

    Awesome!! WixToWordPress converted my Wix eCommerce site to wordpress (edmonds.wixsite.com oliverpeoples.com). I strongly recommend https://wixtowordpress.org for wix to wordpress migration services. Thumbs Up Guys!

  2. Thomas Jefferson (verified owner)

    I contracted with WixToWordPress to move my wix store to WordPress. Can not describe my satisfaction for https://wixtowordpress.org/ in migrating my Wix site To a Professional and User Friendly WordPress website.
    I had a WIX store of 175 physical products & they took approx ten days to do the complete migration with Excellence of Service that was beyond my expectations.
    I highly recommend WixToWordPress to anyone considering Wix To WordPress Migration, I assure you that you will not be disappointed with them.

    100% Satisfied Customer
    Thomas Jefferson

  3. Kelie Minetti (verified owner)

    I recommend them for WIX to WordPress Migration. I was so frustrated with my WIX site with limitations and now i am with WordPress and they did the migration for me. Thank You

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