Divi vs Wix?

Ali Akkas asked 8 months ago

Divi vs Wix?
Hi Guys i was hoping for some arguing points for Wix vs Divi ?
I have a friend who wants to build his garage (very small business website) a website my argument is that divi is worth the learning curve and hiring someone to build it will be better?
His points is Wix is cheaper and easier then Divi Theme. How does WIX compare to Divi Theme for SEO etc…

Divi vs Wix Website Builder

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

it’s more a case of Wix vs WordPress, with Divi being the cream on top that makes developing with WordPress much easier for end clients. All gonna come down to what your friend thinks is important. Let your friend try out both and make the decision, then you won’t be held accountable when one or the other does not fulfill what they thought they wanted.
I recently had the same migration to Divi Theme WordPress from WIX with someone. They wanted to switch away from an established Divi theme site to make a new design with a Wix site because it was “more modern”. I explained to them that they can change the design easily in Divi theme, and that they actually have much more freedom/expandability long term in Divi and WordPress. I think all the options WordPress/Divi offers are intimidating for many and Wix makes their management more simple, albeit limited.
WIX is a very nice option on the outside. Kind of like buying a house without checking out what it looks like once you walk in, only to find there are no rooms and it’s actually a cardboard cutout held up by dried up sticks and chewing gum.
Wix is easy for someone with no experience to get a site going. The issue is what if later on you want to add some advanced features to your site like booking, or ticket purchasing for a venue? Does WIX have those features built in? If not well then you are stuck. You have no real access to the back end of anything.
Also if you add too many widgets to your WIX site and it crashes, there is no way to really go back (according to WIX). Finally if you ever plan on moving over to a standalone CMS like WP, Drupal, OpenCMS, or anything else you will have to recreate that site. There is no export option. In the end it all depends how much the person needs and what they have planned for the future.
Wix is not made for SEO. You must use their overpriced hosting and can’t move your site. There are no plugins to extend functionality. With that being said, a complete noob can setup a nice looking site using WIX. WordPress and  Divi Theme is superior, but the learning curve may be to much for anyone not technically oriented.
Divi theme is not pricey for what you get!! A great theme and page builder, great support from elegantthemes and here, free updates and a load of amazing plugins included in the price. Definitely not expensive.

Juhiii Ahmed Staff answered 7 months ago

I’ve used both and am happy to answer any questions you have.
I have a great deal of Divi experience and just started working with Extra. It took some time to understand how it works. But, once the light bulb went off, it is great for what it is designed for. I found the documentation to not be very helpful. I just played with it until the pieces fell in place.
Lots of “divi” templates for initial starting. But if I were you I would just do it with DIVI. It doesn’t have to be complex. Wix is good enough. Plus security wise they are responsible. I manage a divi site and have little code skills. But I can see in admin that it constantly has a hacker trying to break and or mess with it with multiple log in attempts.
As for “drag and drop”, Divi is close. You can build visually and outline view gives you an alternate viewpoint to lay stuff out. Joining Weebly or Wix is like joining a cult… once you’re in it’s hard to get out. I’m a huge Divi fan and use it almost exclusively.
I used divi builder on a couple of other themes and had to create my own blank full width template file in each case so it would ignore its own default design elements.
With the Divi THEME you get all of the header styling options and things like that. With the Divi PLUGIN you don’t, so you would have to search around for a theme that gives you the kind of navigation you want. I prefer the header options that come with Divi Theme.
Divi Pricing Plan Is Also Awesome! $249 for life with unlimited websites.
Divi Theme vs WIX Website Builder Pricing
Wix is never yours. You will be paying rent for life, instead in WordPress the site is yours to pack and move as she may please. If wix feels you are breaking any rule they will terminate the contract and leave you empty handed. Wix cost the same and more than a geek hosting plan and sometimes more than a vps but has 0 perks. Slow and mega shared.
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