GoDaddy Vs Wix Vs Weebly?

Michael Marzec asked 7 months ago

GoDaddy Vs Wix Vs Weebly?

What’s your takes on GoDaddy Vs Wix Vs Weebly? I am very new to this and was wondering if the Weebly Website Builder or Wix Website Builder or GoDaddy Website Builder are even worth it? I am looking to build a TeaShop. I looked into PrestaShop with some awesome themes but, no idea how to code and i am going to spend money on a theme whee i can’t use it.. what u guys think? I am thinking about Weebly.

GoDaddy Vs Wix Vs Weebly


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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 7 months ago

Weebly and WIX are dependable of their own system, and you must pay to enable certain features, etc, besides the fact that even using it, you are limited to what they offer.
GoDaddy is a disaster when it comes to hosting, even to handle domains becomes an harsh thing to do.
PrestaShop is a good system, meanwhile WooCommerce gives you more flexibility. Regarding coding etc, there are plenty of themes WooCommerce ready, that you can install for free, like WooCommerce default theme or purchase online.
Either way, you will need always to know how to setup things, and tweak design, etc.
If you have a great idea and a business plan and everything ready to go, I would say hire a developer to make the site for you. have him or her work with a designer. you should be focusing on the customers, customer satisfaction and sales.

Juhiii Ahmed Staff answered 7 months ago

WooCommerce is very much a do-it-yourself system. Lots of options for payment processing, shipping, marketing features, etc. But for each of those decisions you will need to do your homework.
As a non-coder the evaluation and “smell test” of the various options may be difficult. This is before you consider the amount of software updating and maintenance required for a WooCommerce based site.
So I would second Mark’s suggestion that you look at Shopify first and only if you outgrow the features in Shopify consider woocommerce second. (and never godaddy or the smaller e-commerce in a box solutions. They are trash.