How do I transfer my Wix website to WordPress?

Wix To WordPress Migration QuestionsCategory: WIX To WordPressHow do I transfer my Wix website to WordPress?
Tendai Chagweda asked 8 months ago

How do I transfer my Wix website to WordPress? Can I transfer Wix to WordPress?
Hi guys, need some help on transferring from Wix to WordPress please,
Switching website from WIX (hosting by them also) to WordPress  hosting with BlueHost .
Whats the smoothest way to make the transition?
Can I create my new website with DIVI WordPress) whilst the old one is still with Wix?
If so, How to Convert Wix to WordPress?

Wix website to WordPress

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

Many options. You can build any WordPress site on a host account you are just using domain to point end user to the website files on a host. You can also use something like wamp to build on your local pc. Then use something like mainwp to move the site. Or I sometimes use FileZilla, if you know what php database changes to make for the move. Good to learn someday how WordPress works. Dig in. 🙂 and it’s actually better more secure to install WordPress manually via filezilla than with the autoinstallers.

Juhiii Ahmed Staff answered 7 months ago

You build your WP site on a subdomain or subfolder of a domain you already own. You could even do it using the temp url your host gives you. Or you can install something like Desktopserver, XAMPP, MAMP or other tools to develop the site on your local hard drive.
Once you’re ready to launch, you use tools like Duplicator or BackupBuddy (paid) to migrate from your test environment to live.
Switching the domain from pointing to Wix to WordPress is just a setting in your DNS.