Strikingly vs Wix : Which Is The Best Website Builder Software?

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Tamika Thomas asked 8 months ago

Strikingly Vs WIX: Which Is The Best Website Builder Software?

My hunny is building my website and he really likes wix website builder software, but I keep hearing about strikingly website builder software. I have all the creative control in the website I just give him my ideas and he plugs and play .

Strikingly vs Wix Which Is The Best Website Builder Software

What are your thoughts? What’s the best website builder software to use when building a website?
Your recommendation much appreciated.

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

Neither. I recommend use WordPress. With WordPress, there’s tutorials galore. Very easy to set up and get started. The problems with WIX or Strikingly are many – but the biggest is their SEO unfriendliness. There are so many videos on YouTube to build a wordpress site that walk you step by step and really make it easy to set up then you can change and learn more as you go with complete control and with the Google update about being mobile friendly coming this month do you want to trust that to a click and drop site builder
If you are building a business for the future, you have to have full control. You also need the ability to customize as you see fit. I have worked with clients that eventually had to change over from their drag and drop sites to something better after they started growing, and it is not fun for them. My recommendation is to look 5 years down the road. Does the platform you are choosing fit in that my model? If it does, stick with it. The answer is usually no though.
But to clarify — NOT the free version of WordPress. But rather the self-hosted version of WordPress that you install on your own hosting platform. Any free site like Wix, Strikingly, Blogspot or is owned and operated by some other company and they have 100% control over your site and could shut you down at anytime. By hosting your own site you own everything and have complete control. If you want to build a real business, get a real website. If you’re just building a hobby site, then by all means – go with Wix.