What Is The Difference Between Godaddy And Wix? Godaddy web builder vs WIX web builder

Wix To WordPress Migration QuestionsCategory: WIX To WordPressWhat Is The Difference Between Godaddy And Wix? Godaddy web builder vs WIX web builder
Anne C Smith asked 8 months ago

Hi everyone. What Is The Difference Between Godaddy And Wix? What is the difference between Godaddy web builder vs WIX web builder?

I have a domain name with GoDaddy, but do not have a web site as yet to connect with Teachable. Do you think it would be best to align with GoDaddy as my web host as well for simplicity? I note there is a link to WordPress for their designs. I have considered Wix web builder as well. I am not a scripter.
What are your thoughts/experiences using wix or godaddy for making websites. What’s your takes on wix vs godaddy? Wix or GoDaddy better for beginners ?

So what’s your takes on GoDaddy Website Builder vs Wix Website Builder?



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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

We actually specifically target Wix customers and convert them for professional web design & SEO on WordPress. Wix is getting better but nothing technical, nor anything a business owner can’t just hire an hourly employee to do in the end.
GoDaddy GoCentral simplifies the process of building a website at Having all of your site’s information sorted into multiple pages makes it easier for visitors to find what they need. GoCentral is actually pretty fun to work with. They do promise a site up and running, selling products, within the hour. And for reals it can be done.
Difference Between Godaddy And Wix
People use Wix because of website builder. For hobby blogger it’s good but if you wanna earn or to make a professional site, it’s not at all recommended. Even Blogger is better than Wix as it gives access to your template.
Wix will help you short term but if you want to grow and avoid redoing the work (save time and stress), I suggest you start it right! One option is to use WordPress + a nice theme + appropriate plugin. Wix is far less robust and scalable than a custom build on WordPress. If you have the time (or money) I would suggest a custom WordPress build but I am biased as this is the service we offer to clients in the health sector! 
My biggest beefs with wix are that you don’t have access to the source code and SEO value is piss-poor. If you ever wanted to move away from wix, you’d have to rebuild the site from scratch.
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