Which is better for seo wix or wordpress?

Wix To WordPress Migration QuestionsCategory: WIX To WordPressWhich is better for seo wix or wordpress?
Anna Popova asked 8 months ago

Which is better for seo wix or wordpress? For people who have used cms WordPress, squarespace, wix, or other please explain which cms is better or worse for SEO and why.

Specifically wix or wordpress for seo?


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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

WordPress is best for SEO. Would never even think to use anything but WordPress for SEO! WordPress is best due to the ability to control various aspects as well as add plugins to make it easier. 35% of the internet is WordPress. SquareSpace and Wix make up 2-3% combined.
WordPress is far far far superior in every way. More options. More SEO friendly plugins. Matt Cutts, former Head Google search and spam, said WordPress is superior.
Quality Content is king, but WordPress makes your quality content super easy to find and index by Google.
Which is better for seo wix or wordpress?

  • Wix sucks for so many reasons. Don’t use it unless you only have 5 minutes and don’t plan on showing anyone.
  • Squarespace if you have a few hours, want a nice looking website without needing lots of design or tech expertise, and would like a moderate level of success.
  • WordPress if you have extended needs, but can also devote time and expertise to creating and maintaining your website.


Juhiii Ahmed Staff answered 8 months ago

The more control you have the better it is for SEO. All builders limit this control. Then you get into the development platforms and the ones with the cleanest most efficient code win. There are literally hundreds of platforms/CMS now.
A lot depends on the scope of the site, but if the site is done in squarespace, wix then they may as well have done the site themselves. These are visual designers and not much more, they do have development options but they are still limited because they target to people that do not know how to make websites.
Then there are two levels of WordPress, there are the people that actually know how to code and make websites, and then there are the theme resellers that just hack it together. Real websites can be made on WordPress, but the hacked together themes aren’t always that much better than wix/squarespace other than the ability to add plugins that someone else built for specific control. Often WP code is a disaster because while real developers do use it, it is the go to platform for hobbyists/amateurs/people that aren’t developers but are still in internet fields (SEO, PPC, Bloggers, etc). WP quality depends on who built it, so it can be worse than wix/squarespace but is much better.
Then you have the development platforms. Craft/Umbraco. These start with completely blank pages (themes do not exist) and have plugins/packages, but the point of them is to not need them and have 100% full customization of everything you build. These give you the cleanest most efficient code and the most customization.They also take the most time to build on and are more difficult to use. Developer quality still matters but only real developers are capable of using these (at least only real front end designers). Which is also why you don’t hear as much about them.
Then you have the enterprise/marketplace solutions. Kentico/Sitefinity/Sitecore/Proprietary. These are crazy expensive and are usually more oriented towards large marketplace sites and unnecessary for simple brochure sites.
It is a little more complicated than WP has this feature and wix has this feature, because SEO is about more than one specific thing. But it is a definite scale. Wix < squarespace < WordPress < Umbraco < Craft < Kentico etc. The cost of developing on each platform increases as you go up the chain. If wix could do everything the platforms going up the chain could then none of the others would exist. If you work extra hard you can make up for cheaper software, but it is much easier if you use the platform appropriate to your market.