Wix Or WordPress For Beginner?

Hana Arjaniā€ˇ asked 8 months ago

Wix Or WordPress For Beginner?
Beginner question for eCommerce/ Online shop : Pro and Cons of going independent using own (bought) WordPress Theme or being a part of WIX eCommerce? But seems so many people went with WIX and the rest, I wonder I might be wrong. Whats the pros and cons of WIX

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

WordPress: you fully own your business. WIX and the rest: you rent your business but never own it. WIX could increase their costs or change something that could destroy your business.
Consider your needs, budget (time and money), and available resources and where your market entry point is along with your experiences and expectations. It guides this decision a lot. Not only small business but also enterprise clients are self hosting/ maintain their own Ecommerce through WooCommerce extensions. Small to medium are using also using 3rd party solution such as Shopify or similar. WIX is not a good solution for eCommerce.