Wix vs Shopify for an Online Store?

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Laura Bloomer‎ asked 7 months ago

Wix vs Shopify for eCommerce or an online store? Or not much difference between? Shopify looks like it has much better integrations, reporting, sales tracking, functionality, however Wix Website Builder is so much easier to design the webpage on! I dont like WooCommerce or WordPress. We are a small business in the bay area of Toronto. Your thoght on WIX vs Shopify for small business is much appreciated.

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 7 months ago

Not exactly a fair comparison. Shopify is a world leader in eCommerce, integrating with tons of other platforms. WIX is a drag and drop website builder for people who just want to play around.
I recommend WordPress WooCommerce for small businesses. The problem with Shopify is it is great, until you start getting big and have lots of sales. You get nickel and dimed for everything you really need to run a business properly. They look beautiful and they are fine for smaller sized stores. If you are just starting out, they are going to be fine for you to begin. Just watch the fees.
Shopify might be expensive for a non technical person to make modifications to the look of the templates. They will have to constantly depend on a developer for changes. Just be ready for the cost.
Wix or Shopify both have SEO Issues while WordPress is the king for SEO