Wix Vs Shopify Vs SquareSpace?

Taylor Douglas asked 7 months ago

WIX Vs Shopify Vs SquareSpace? For e-commerce, what are the best sites? Squarespace vs. Shopify vs. Wix Commerce

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 7 months ago

Depends on what you’re selling and who your target market is. I’m a software developer and can give you a pretty good break down of benefits if you want.
I’ve built hundreds of sites. Hands down, Shopify seems to be the easiest for most people I build sites for. It’s intuitive and gives a chance for growth. I’d recommend Shopify all day for people getting into EComm and aren’t developers.
If you ever plan to grow your business, use WooCommerce with WordPress. I’ve had too many clients dread having their eCommerce store rebuilt because shopify, big commerce, ecwid, etc. had limitations. Plan for growth not for regret.
We use woocommerce on all our client websites as there are no limitations to the platform and we can customize the site how we want and not limit the product counts either.