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Hal Zeitlin asked 8 months ago

Wix Vs Weebly Vs WordPress For Church Websites?
Hi everyone, a church needs a new website and are currently considering weebly wix or wordpress.
The minister is concerned that WordPress does not have a drag and drop editor and is a headache. I am going to show him Elementor Page Builder as an option, but also now am considering Divi Theme. I do not have any formal coding experience, though I know how to google, and would help in building out the website.
Does anyone here know of spiritual or church websites built using Divi vs Wix? Any thoughts on Divi vs Elementor for church website?

So What’s Better For Church Websites?

  • Wix For Church Websites
  • Weebly Church Websites
  • WordPress For Church Website

Thank you!

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

Why is the Minister studying to become a web developer? The Minister should be focused on getting more parishioners to come to Sunday services not which drag and drop builder will allow for the cheapest site possible with no SEO. Why not hire a professional and build the congregation instead of trying to do everything for free and hoping it will work? Businesses that want to grow work with experienced professionals.
In 20+ years in digital marketing, I’ve never met one DIY website for any business anywhere that generated leads for them. You get out what you put in. Large, profitable churches have professional developers on staff and work with professionals to achieve results.
Why limit yourself so severely if this is a real church that seeks to expand? I can’t imagine Lakewood Church having a “free” DIY Wix site that can’t be found in Google search results and a local hobbyist made for $200.
Lots of divi templates for churches. But if I were you I would just do it with wix. It doesn’t have to be complex. Wix is good enough. Plus security wise they are responsible. I manage a divi church site and have little code skills. But I can see in admin that it constantly has a hacker trying to break and or mess with it with multiple log in attempts. Save yourselves some grief and make wix responsibile for the grief.
A church in today’s digital world has special needs. I spent 40 + hours researching what was best for church and chose to go with a specialized experienced and proven church site builder over creating the site in Divi. Yes I’ve donated the entire project but the fact that sermons, podcasts, events and so much more are at my fingertips with no plugins is a benefit to my church
The site is almost complete. If you want to talk reach out to me. If not I say go DIvi.