WIX vs WordPress for Blogging?

Kelly Casanovaā€ˇ asked 8 months ago

WIX vs WordPress for Blogging?
Those of you who blog as part of your business. I want to move from Blogger to WordPress for a more professional look and better capabilities.

I already have a Wix website with a domain name, but I have noticed a lot of people use their blog as their website. Is it better to have just one domain name for your business or to keep the blog as a separate entity?

It doesnt seem to make sense to me to pay for a website domain as well as a blog domain, but is there a reason to have both?

Wix vs WordPress for SEO?

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

I moved from Blogger to WordPress a decade ago – posts easily transferred within WordPress – if you use WordPress dot ORG you have a site and a blog so you only need one domain name.
Get actual real WordPress hosting, not just virtual machine hosting. Someone serious like SiteGround. At least then you can focus on the content and not on the tech. I do tech for a living but cheapies like BlueHost were beyond my tolerance level to deal with.
It’s about traffic, I think. Where do you want to channel your traffic? If you have two assets, you’ll split your traffic. If your blog is on your main website, all traffic stays there, so bounce rates go down. That’s why I have my blog on my website. I recommend WordPress for its combination of capability and ease of use. Wix or another solution could work, but not good for blogging