Wix vs WordPress for Non Techies?

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Jamie Rohrbaugh‎ asked 8 months ago

I’m about to have a meeting today with some folks whose website is built on Wix, and it’s not very good. I want to convince them to let me move it onto WordPress with Genesis Framework. But, I need some technical talking points! They think Wix is so easy to use, but I am concerned about its viability for them for SEO purposes and also the fact that it’s not self-hosted. But there have to be other talking points I can bring up too. I also want to describe the process of Wix To WordPress Migration What are your favorite tidbits?

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

Talk to them about digital marketing and what you can do for them with WordPress and Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixels for ad re-targeting and things like that. Explain it’s nearly impossible to do things like that with WiX and they are missing out on increased sales all automated.
Companies close and services leave. But WordPress is open source and the code is there for anyone to use. Just imagine if you built your company outreach on MySpace or Google+.
I use the analogy of renting vs. owning. Wix serves a purpose, I suppose, but their business needs the ability to make their own decisions about their website, not rely on the landlord-Wix being able to change the game.

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Juhiii Ahmed Staff answered 8 months ago

Position the conversation squarely on the business impact for the client.

  • – What are the problems they are having?
  • – What are the objectives they want to achieve?

Then assess their wants and needs against their current site’s performance, i.e. load speed, bounce rates, conversion of visitors into raving fans/clients, organic leads and traffic, and more.
What is not performing or converting? Is the copy, marketing, message, or content? Is it the site itself, meaning the technology needs to change?
If the technology is not performing for them, it much easier for you to connect the dots behind their analytics, objectives, pain points, etc. to how a WordPress site can deliver the impact they want and need.

  • Speed to keep visitors from bouncing due to waiting…and waiting
  • SEO tools to help their market find their website
  • Search engine friendly web pages, which helps them rank higher (for people to find them)
  • Integration for marketing, analytics, e-commerce, client relations, ads, and more
  • Own your site and content
  • Client privacy
  • Accessibility to broaden their market reach

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