WIX vs WordPress For Professional Designers?

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Angie Godlewska asked 8 months ago

If you are a professional designer, do you use WIX and WordPress. Why you love WIX or Why you hate WIX? Why you love WordPress or Why you hate WordPress?

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Wix To WordPress Staff answered 8 months ago

I would say professional designers don’t use Wix Because wix can’t use WordPress plugins to enhance functionalities on the website. To be honest, you shouldn’t be using plugins beyond just the essential ones on WordPress either. It also depends on client’s requirements. Basically I just use plugins as less as possible to speed up the website.
I started with Wix 10 years ago and it has helped me get to where I am today. I began using WordPress about 7 years ago. The only time I touch Wix now is if someone comes to me to fix their site (AKA rebuild it in WordPress). I wouldn’t say Wix is bad. It is a nice tool for beginners but it should not be a professional tool.
With Wix you will be locked in their system and services they offer. With WP you are truly your own boss. You can do anything and everything. You can change hosting, your domain, your email provider. You can use different theme, builder or plugin. With Wix everything on top is paid, with WP it’s not always the case. Much more freedom. Unless you have somebody who does not want to learn more and stay only in one ecosystem. In that case they can stick with Wix and be happy enough.
I don’t know one professional designer who loves wix. There’s no such thing. With WordPress you’re the owner of the house, why would you prefer to rent a room in someone’s flat that can evict you without notice?
And Wix is designed for people that are not web designers or for people/businesses that want overly simple sites. Nothing wrong with that, but you are very limited by the wix code if you’re trying to make a truly custom site with any kind of advanced functionality. WordPress is the go to for a vast majority of professional designers. It’s what I use and what most everybody I know uses short of coding things manually themselves
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