WIX or WordPress for Small Business?

WIX or WordPress for Small Business

WIX or WordPress for Small Business?

Wix isn’t as scalable as WordPress. Fortune 500 companies use WP, not Wix.

Wix isn’t as search engine friendly as WordPress (that’s common knowledge).

A site in wix is own by wix, what means that if they decide to cancel services your site will be gone. I you host your own WordPress site, you can keep it up as long as you want. Even if your host company go out business you can migrate it to a new host

Google recently assigned a team of devs to see how they can make WordPress even better/rank higher.

Wix is limiting on design and functionality. Advanced functions would require a WP site.

Overall, WIX isn’t a good platform to invest in as it isn’t scalable or supportive of advanced design and functionality.

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