Wix Vs WordPress Which Is Better Website Builder Software?

Wix Vs WordPress Which Is Better Website Builder Software

Wix Vs WordPress – Which Is Better Website Builder Software?

As a pro web developer, I would highly advise against Wix, Squarespace or similar web builders that promise you that you’ll have a website for $15, but it’s just a start.

Here are a few reasons why WordPress (or any other custom solution for that matter) is superior and worth investing money into:

With Wix website builder software you can’t easily change your theme. Once you select a theme on Wix, you can’t change it for free. Given a fact that Wix themes are limited in functionality, if you decide you need another theme -guess what? You’ll have to pay for it. That might also be the case with WordPress website builder software, but have the ability to pick a free theme, or buy a very well developed one with a TON of elements, widgets and sections.
Plus, you can have a custom theme that a designer and a developer can build for you.

Need extra functionality? Buy an app. Similarly to Shopify, if you need a custom piece of functionality on Wix like for example an events calendar – you need to buy one of their apps and pay X dollars monthly.

And even though some WordPress plugins (which are basically an equivalent to apps in Wix) – there are plenty of Free plugins, and a lot of paid ones are not subscription based. You just pay once.
And the best thing is that if you need to tweak the plugin – most of the times a developer can do it for you.
That’s not the case with Wix.

They lock you in. What’s really bad with Wix or any other similar software is that once you’ve built a website with them – you’re locked in.
If they go out of business, so will your website. You can export it, you can change hosting plans, etc.
If you have a lot of traffic, you can just migrate your website to a good hosting, you have to buy a higher package.

Wix SEO allows for basic SEO optimizations on the site, but not much more. The problem is that a lot of what renders on a Wix page is done through Javascript. And google (or any other search engine) bots are not great at ‘understanding content on a website that heavily relies on Javascript.
Google has made some improvements in that area, but it’s still not very good at doing it.
Apart from that, it’s difficult to optimize website performance if it’s a Wix website.
If you use Google’s Pagespeed insights tool to see how your Wix website performs, you’ll probably get a long list of things that need improvements.
The issue is that you can’t resolve a lot of them as you have very limited control over the website code and the server itself.

I hope you got an idea of Wix Vs WordPress Which Is Better?

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